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  • 1920
    Claytan, one of the few pioneers in the ceramic industry in the country, was established by the late Tan Soon Heng in Segambut, Kuala Lumpur.

  • 1922
    Claytan was relocated to Malacca to be nearer to the then market in southern Malaya.

  • 1935
    Claytan extended its production base to Ayer Hitam, Johore. Johore Pipe Company was established and expanded its operation to encompass a range of vitrified clay pipes for supply to the Public Works Department, and latex cups for the rubber estates in Johor.

  • 1941
    The Japanese Imperial Army invaded Malaya, forcing the British Army to retreat to Singapore. This marked the beginning of the Second World War in this part of the world.

  • 1942
    The British Army surrendered to the Japanese Imperial Army. As our factory had to cease operation, we turned to farming of ‘padi’, tapioca and sweet potatoes to look after the workers’ livelihood. Three months later we were encouraged by the Army to go into the production of tableware, coconut oil lamp and various types of earthen containers for the use of the Army and the public. This is how the tableware industry began in our country.

    The supply to the Army enabled us to exchange for the needs of our employees.

  • 1945
    The Japanese surrendered to the Alliance Forces marking the end of the Japanese occupation in Malaya. The British Army returned to form the British Military Administration (BMA).

  • 1946
    Imports resumed leading to a collapse of our business. In desperation, we switched back to the production of latex cups and clay pipes. The 8-year (1947-1955) period of struggle for survival to cope with the political, economic and market changes was indeed our “Longest Day”.

  • 1949
    A road tragedy took the life of the Founder’s eldest son. Tan Chong Cheng who is Claytan’s present Managing Director then officially joined the Company although he had been serving the company since 1938. During the turn of events and the tragic period in the family, two new products namely sanitary ware and VC sewerage pipes were developed through sheer determination to carry on the business and spurred the drive for the survival and growth of the Group till today.

  • 1951
    Claytan became the first to produce and supply vitrified clay pipes meeting British Standards 65 to Malaya’s first sewerage project undertaken by the Kuala Lumpur Municipality and to the sewerage works in Singapore.

  • 1952
    Started to produce sanitary ware for the Housing Trust of Malaya and the Singapore Improvement Trust.

  • 1957
    Tan Chong Cheng took over the helm from his late father and has since been the Managing Director of the Claytan Group.

  • 1965
    Clay Industries Sdn Bhd (“CISB”) was incorporated to strengthen Claytan’s lead in the vitreous china sanitary ware business. It is the second manufacturing company of the Claytan Group.

  • 1968
    It was a significant milestone when Claytan brought in foreign technology to improve its sanitary ware production process by installing the first British designed tunnel kiln in Malaysia to fire sanitary ware. Further technical assistance was sought from Japan.

  • 1973
    Oriental Ceramics Sdn. Bhd. (“OCSB”) was incorporated with the cooperation of Nikko Japan to set up the first tableware factory in Malaysia. It was also the first and the most advanced one of its kind in ASEAN at that time. OCSB is the third manufacturing company of the Claytan Group.

  • 1976
    OCSB started commercial production of English earthenware tableware.

  • 1977
    OCSB became the first manufacturer in the ceramic tableware industry in ASEAN to export its product to USA.

  • 1980
    Claytan started to manufacture sanitary ware under OEM arrangement for the Japan market.

  • 1982
    Claytan started to supply sanitary ware to the United Kingdom market.

  • 1983
    JPC-Intan Sdn Bhd (“JPC-Intan”) was incorporated to produce an advanced range of vitrified clay pipes designed for sewerage, industrial and commercial application. It is the fourth manufacturing company of the Claytan Group.

  • 1985
    All manufactured products of the Group achieved the Malaysian Standard certification.

  • 1991
    Claytan started manufacturing sanitary ware under OEM arrangement for the Australian and New Zealand markets.

  • 1992
    JPC-Intan was the first vitrified clay pipe manufacturer to produce VC Pipe of 2m in length and up to 450mm in diameter.

  • 1995
    Claytan Fine China (Tableware) Sdn Bhd was incorporated specializing in the production of stoneware tableware and artware.

  • 1996
    Claytan was awarded the Australian Standard certification for its sanitary ware and quality system.

    OCSB first participated in the Frankfurt International Tableware Exhibition in Germany and began to open its market in Europe. We have since been a regular exhibitor at the Fair.

    OCSB started manufacturing tableware under OEM arrangement for Johnson Brothers of the Wedgwood Group in the United Kingdom.

  • 1997
    Year of Asian Currency Crisis
    Claytan received the ISO 1992 certification for its operation and quality management system.

  • 1998
    Claytan was appointed the Official Licensee for ceramic products to the XVI Commonwealth Games (“SUKOM”) held in Kuala Lumpur.

  • 2001
    Claytan was awarded the Good Design Mark for its tableware by the Malaysian Design Council.

  • 2002
    A dedicated R&D Center was built to upgrade research, development and designs of sanitary ware, tableware and vitrified clay pipes.

    JPC-Intan successfully developed and produced vitrified clay pipes up to 600mm in diameter, making it the first in Malaysia to attain such an achievement. At the same time it successfully developed and produced jacking pipes up to 400mm in diameter.

  • 2003
    Claytan received the ISO9001 certification for its operation and quality system and expansion into research and development.

    Claytan achieved the ASME (USA) and CSA (Canada) product standard certification for its sanitary ware.

  • 2004
    OCSB started to manufacture tableware under OEM arrangement for SPODE of the United Kingdom whose history spans over 200 years.

  • 2005
    JPC-Intan successfully developed and produced vitrified clay pipes up to 700mm in diameter making it the first in this part of the world to attain such an achievement. It also successfully developed its own sleeve joint system for vitrified clay pipes up to 450mm in diameter.

  • 2006
    Claytan participated in the inaugural NATEF (National Toilet Expo and Forum) at the Sunway Pyramid in Kuala Lumpur.

  • 2007
    Claytan became the pioneer in Malaysia and the first in ASEAN to produce fine fireclay sinks and wash basins.

    Claytan was appointed by Caroma of Australia as its agent to service its overseas customers in Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Singapore, UAE and Vanuatu.

  • 2010
    OCSB ventured to test its product in the market of Shanghai, China.

  • 2011
    A new extension is being built to increase Claytan’s sanitary ware production capacity to 1.5 million pieces per annum.

    Claytan is beginning to open a market in Indonesia. It is also making attempts to open a market in Vietnam, a country which poses great growth potential.

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